September, 2017

"Hi Annette;

Came across your webpage in my Explorer favorites and decided to drop you a note. Looks like you found your dreams on Maui! Wow, it looks fantastic -- great place to live and work -- and escape the Nordic damp, dark and cold. We miss your teachings at Novo Nordisk. There are many yoga classes of course but yours were rather special -- also your good humor and relaxed attitude. If you are ever in the Copenhagen area than please do drop it -- always welcome. Good to see that you are helping so many people, particularly those with Crohn's disease and other digestive problems."

Kind regards,
Edward Kowalski


January, 2017

"It was the best yoga class I’ve ever experienced.”

-Laurelee Blanchard
Haiku, Maui, Hawaii
eighteen years of practicing yoga".


May 2016

"Love this DVD! It's great."

-Sally Cashman
New Jersey

March, 2016

"I am so happy I have your yoga DVD. Every posture specific for healing / maintaining the health of the digestive system, and the relaxation at the end is very powerful. It has made joyous abundance and eternal wellness accessible to me!"


Sophie Threlfall


"The Yoga for Digestion Perfection DVD has saved my life. I've used the stretches in this video to physically and mentally eliminate pain and stress associated with my Crohn's disease. I call the DVD my "secret weapon"! Over the last 1.5 years that I have been using these techniques, my symptoms have gone away, my body is more flexible and am able to manage myself when anxious moments arise. Thank you to Annette for creating this DVD. I am now sharing this with my clients and it works! I'll be ordering more in the very near future!"

-Michael Kinnane
Rhode Island

"Annette taught yoga at the Novo Nordisk Fitness Center in Copenhagen the past three seasons.  Those who took her classes found her to be a very professional as well as good at creating a positive and friendly atmosphere. It was a pleasure to attend her classes. She gave each student personal direction in accordance to their needs and level of experience.  I most heartily recommend Annette!" 
-Edward Kowalski

"I attended Annette's yoga course in 2011. From day one it was obvious that she was experienced and very professional. She was very attentive to everyone's ability and progress and created a very nice atmosphere. It was a joy to receive her lessons.”
-Kirsten Rolskov Floris

"Yoga was new to me and I was very excited in anticipation of taking one of Annette's yoga classes. I thought yoga would be a good complement to my fitness training for the demanding sport I participate in. From Annette's class I realized that yoga is an effective method for improving agility., and I found it to be both challenging and fun."
-Claus von der Osten 

"I can only think of one nice way to end the week, and that is with a yoga lesson from Annette. She competently guides her students through the exercises and creates a relaxed atmosphere which is inviting for anyone."
-Kirsten Olsson

"In a skiing accident I suffered severe back and neck injuries which were not healing well. This made running too painful. Then I met Annette who was working at the gym where I trained. She showed me some simple yoga exercises, then I attended her classes twice per week. After only one month I was able start running again without pain. Yoga also helped me learn to relax and slow down the pace of my life. I can now lie still for 15 minutes without thinking about anything. I never imagined I could do that. Annette is very thorough and personal in her teaching method.  Her classes are also very relaxing. She is my absolute favorite yoga instructor. At age 47 I can now run without any problems."
-Hanne Rongsted

"Overall, I think that Annette's training is really nice! I liked being challenged in the ways that physically strained my body in her classes. She offers a great combination of hard training, breathing techniques and varied exercise programs. Annette's personality creates a comfortable, relaxing yoga mood. I have been very pleased with my practice of yoga and Annette is clearly one of the reasons for it."
-Nicholas Kulahin, Novo Nordic

"After busy work weeks I looked forward to every one of Annette's Friday evening yoga classes. They improved my sense of balance and flexibility, enhanced my mind-body harmony, and helped me get more in touch with my true needs. I valued how her classes created the quiet serenity I needed to have relaxing weekends. I highly recommend Annette!"
-Ona Kinduryte, M.D.

"I was reluctant to try yoga because I assumed it was all about close-eyed postures and deep breathing. But I tried a class with Annette and was pleased to discover that it was something far better—it was actually comfortable and enjoyable. She is very good at creating a cozy, inspiring and sometime humorous atmosphere where everyone enjoys the series of yoga exercises. It's wonderfully relaxing to stretch out and gently fall down after a long day of work."
-Tamilla Stine Aghassipour, Safety Medical Writer, Novo Nordisk A/S

"It is a great pleasure and joy to attend yoga classes with Annette. She is comforting, inspiring, very competent and has a great understanding of each individual. I give her my warmest recommendation."
-Inge-Lise Andersen

"Annette's relaxed teaching presence was very comforting for me. Her exercises are for everyone--they are easy to follow and are given at a pace which allows everyone to reflect on how far we have come, rather than pushing us too quickly to a new level. I was very happy with Annette's teachings and enjoyed being calm and at ease during my drives home."
-Kamilla Bugge

"I took yoga classes with Annette because the experience was always good and deep in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Although I did not train with her long, it was quite obvious that she has the heart of a yogi--always calm, sweet and smiling. Even in large classes, Annette took the care to help everyone get into the correct poses. Some day it would be great to join Annette's yoga classes in Hawaii!"
-Tanja Aagesen

"I took yoga classes with Annette because she is very talented and has a lovely personality. She led me through exercises I never thought I could possibly do. I fondly think of Annette as the teacher who aroused my interest in yoga."
-Tina Assentoft

"During my two years of classes with Annette I learned how nice yoga practice can be. Her gracious and sweet ways created a lovely atmosphere in the always full classes. My body quietly became stronger and more flexible from the gentle and pleasant exercises we performed. Every morning I continue to practice yoga for an hour. I am thankful for Annette opening me up to the amazing world of yoga."
-Karin Lokmann Knudsen